Traditional Japanese Green tea from Kyoto, Japan

Fresh, clean and grassy taste

Reflesh your mind up and relieve stress away!

100g Loose Leaf Sencha

Made in Japan


How to make Green Tea

1. The first thing you heat your water.
2. Warm the cup and teapot with hot water.
The hot water is first poured into the empty teapot and leave
for a minute or two. This will drop the water temperature to
about 80℃ and pre-heat the teapot.
3. Pour hot water 70℃ from teapot into the empty teacup(s).
4. Put tea leaves in teapot. (1 tea spoon = 2g for 1 cup of tea)
5. Pour the hot water from the teacup(s) directly into the teapot
and brew with the lid on.
6. Brew for 2 minutes pour from the teapot into the teacup(s).
7. Enjoy!


Store in a dry place

Sencha Loose Leaf - Japanese Green Tea