This is derived from 'Chuang-tzu', the ancient text of Tao.
Chuang-tzu, a great master of Tao, asked a skull whether it wanted to come back to human life again or not.
Then the skull answered frowning, 'Why should I throw away this present bliss like Nanmenou Emperor to come back to life ?'
The Kanji word on the front is Nanmenou, meaning the emperor sitting facing the south.

Japanese Art T-shirts - NANMENOU

  • PLEASE NOTE : Our sizes are for Japanese, for standard US sizes, consider one size LARGER than your normal size, ie: If you are usually a MEDIUM (M), then consider our LARGE (L) sized T-shirt.
    We strongly recommend to measure with T-shirt you own.

    * There is a discrepancy of 0.5cm-2.0cm (¼"-¾") depending on the preservation conditions due to the property of cotton knit.

    Size (cm) Length          Width           Sleeve        
    S 60 46 17.5
    M 67 48 19.5
    L 73 52 20.5
    LL 75 55.5 21
    3L 77 57 22.5