Japanese Art T-shirts - MOKKEI

Japanese Art T-shirts - MOKKEI

SOUE-MOKKEI - Fighting cock
 Even though other cocks crow, he stands immobile with utter indifference and no longer reacts to them.
-Mokkei- is a master fighting cock standing imperturbable and immobile like a carved wooden cock.
Enjoy Japanese sophisticated chic created by dynamic ink-wash-like strokes and exquisite patterns.
A long-awaited new design of Soue collection. 

  • Size

    PLEASE NOTE : Our sizes are for Japanese, for standard US sizes, consider one size LARGER than your normal size, ie: If you are usually a MEDIUM (M), then consider our LARGE (L) sized T-shirt.
    We strongly recommend to measure with T-shirt you own.

    * There is a discrepancy of 0.5cm-2.0cm (¼"-¾") depending on the preservation conditions due to the property of cotton knit.

    Size (cm) Length        Width         Sleeve        
    S 59 43.5 17
    M 66 46 19
    L 68 49.5 20
    LL 72 51.5 22
    3L 75 55 22.5
  • Material


    Airy Fit Type : Thinner and flexible fabric of soft and glossy cotton yarn creates a good fitting feeling as if it contains the air. Strong binding collar withstands repeated washing, the more you put on, the more comfortable it will become. The selected T-shirts having beautiful silhouette line for adults! 

    • 100% Cotton  
    • Made in Japan

    You can wash our products as normal using washing machine, but we recommend the following ways for long time using.

    1. Please - Wash inside out. Do not iron print.
    2. Before ironing turn T-shirt inside out. Do not bleach.
    3. Do not tumble dry.
    4. Dry in shade.