Japanese Art T-shirts - GARYOUTENSEI

Japanese Art T-shirts - GARYOUTENSEI

SOUE-GARYOUTENSEI - Eyes of dragon
Overprinting by lustrous ink creates a three-dimensional image.
The poem is old tale, which says dragons had stormed out of mural painting with loud thunder as soon as they had been drawn their eyes.
Enjoy simple and stylish adult chic.

  • Size

    PLEASE NOTE : Our sizes are for Japanese, for standard US sizes, consider one size LARGER than your normal size, ie: If you are usually a MEDIUM (M), then consider our LARGE (L) sized T-shirt.
    We strongly recommend to measure with T-shirt you own.

    * There is a discrepancy of 0.5cm-2.0cm (¼"-¾") depending on the preservation conditions due to the property of cotton knit.

    Size (cm) Length        Width         Sleeve        
    S 59 43.5 17
    M 66 46 19
    L 68 49.5 20
    LL 72 51.5 22
    3L 75 55 22.5
  • Material


    Airy Fit Type : Thinner and flexible fabric of soft and glossy cotton yarn creates a good fitting feeling as if it contains the air. Strong binding collar withstands repeated washing, the more you put on, the more comfortable it will become. The selected T-shirts having beautiful silhouette line for adults! 

    • 100% Cotton  
    • Made in Japan

    You can wash our products as normal using washing machine, but we recommend the following ways for long time using.

    1. Please - Wash inside out. Do not iron print.
    2. Before ironing turn T-shirt inside out. Do not bleach.
    3. Do not tumble dry.
    4. Dry in shade.